The Mercedes UAE Social Media Walk

Twitter provides only 8% of Mercedes' UAE social media engagements

A year snapshot of Mercedes’ UAE social media networks; Facebook and Twitter, were examined in terms of volumes of posts, facebook-shares, retweets, and comments.

October and November 2015 were the Twitter months, featuring greater volume of tweets generated in those 2 months than Facebook posts, which defied the typical trend. March 2016 was a peak Facebook post month. However, this peak did not have any effect on the number of tweets in the month.


Facebook post-shares were by far the most common engagement type relative to both social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter. Overall, Twitter provided only 8% of Mercedes’ UAE engagements.


A closer look at Facebook post-shares throughout the year reveals two peaks; October 2015, which was a Twitter peak month, as well as the December 2015/January 2016 period.



Research Director, Mediastow
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